Lash Extensions 

Lash Extensions make your lashes appear longer, fuller, darker and more curled. The highest quality synthetic lashes are applied to your natural lash. With the many curl and length options available the possibilities are endless, and lashes can be styled to your desired look.

Lash Extensions last up to a month, but results do vary and are dependent on the lash cycle of the individual and how well they are taken care of after application.

Full Set Classic Lashes: 

one hour 30 minutes



Each individual natural lash receives one false lash.

Full Set Hybrid Lashes:

two hours


Each individual natural lash receives a false lash. A combination of classic and volume lashes are applied creating a fuller and "fluffier" lash look.

Full Set Volume/Mega Volume Lashes:

two Hours


Each individual natural lash receives a synthetic volume cluster of lash extensions. Volume fans range anywhere from 3D to 10D. This is the most dramatic, luxurious style of lashes that will give you that "strip lash" look.

Half Set Classic Lashes:

one hour


Every other natural lash receives one false lash.

Half Set Hybrid Lashes:

one hour


Every other natural lash receives a false lash. A combination of classic and volume lashes will be applied.

Lash Fill Options

One Week Lash Fill:

30 minutes

Classic: $40

Hybrid: $55

Volume: $70

Two Week Lash Fill:

45 minutes

Classic: $55

Hybrid: $70

Volume: $85

Three Week Lash Fill:

one hour

Classic: $70

Hybrid: $85

Volume: $100

Four Week Lash Fill:

one hour 20 minutes

Classic: $85

Hybrid: $100

Volume: $115

Any lash fills after four weeks will be charged as a FULL SET

Lash Lift

Lifting your natural lashes creates a "curled" look that lasts 6-8 weeks. This creates longer, fuller looking lashes. Add a tint to your lift for the ultimate lash look! (Results do vary and depend on the length and volume of your natural lashes)

20 minutes


Lash Tint

Similar to mascara this service will darken your lashes creating a longer, fuller appearance for those with lighter lashes. For those with darker lashes this will enhance your eye color and help make your lashes pop more.

This service is and add on and is not offered as an individual service

20 minutes


Brow Tint

A tint will be placed with your desired color to shape and darken the brows. This will make the brows appear fuller. Results last 1-2 weeks.

This service is and add on and is not offered as an individual service

20 minutes


Brow Lamination

The newest brow trend that puts unruly brow hairs in their place....literally! This treatment will give you fuller brows that lay perfectly in place. 

20 minutes


eyelash extensions
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Facial treatments can be 100% customizable. Everybody's skin is different and requires special attention, this is why a skin evaluation and analysis take place during every treatment and products are picked carefully to ensure the best result for you.

Anti-Aging Facial

one hour


Press pause on aging with this skin plumping facial. this facial targets fine lines and wrinkles with powerful antioxidant rich masks. Tone, tighten and exfoliate dead skin cells while relaxing with carefully crafted massage techniques to make you and your skin feel top tier.

Breakout Busting Facial

one hour


Treat congested, acne prone skin with this detoxifying yet nourishing facial treatment. Stubborn spots and past acne marks are targeted with powerful acne fighting and brightening ingredients. Breakouts vary so a skin consultation before treatment will take place to ensure the most effective treatment. Your skin will thank you later. 

Heavy Hydration Facial

one hour



Say goodbye to dry, flaky skin with this hydrating facial. Exfoliation to tackle dead, rough skin followed by an ultra hydrating blend of ingredients that come together to lock moisture in. The ultimate skin treat to give you the healthiest most hydrated glow.



Calm Skin Facial

one hour



Soothe even the most sensitive skin with this facial. Irritated, red skin is a thing of the past with this treatment. Only the most sensitive skin approved ingredients will be used to create a hydrating, soothed complexion and a feeling of pure bliss.



Skin Balancing Facial

one hour



Not quite dry, but not quite oily? This is the facial for you! Balance your oils while treating your dryness with this facial that does it all. A combination of masks and treatments will be used that are specific to YOUR skin treating every area of concern.

Add Technology to Facial


Amp up any of our facial treatments with technology! Technologies reach beyond where our fingertips can giving a long lasting, more impactful treatment. A careful analysis of your skin will be done followed by a personalized selection of technology tools to be used on you.



Brow Wax:


Lip Wax:


Chin Wax:


Underarm Wax:



Makeup Application


Bridal Makeup


Add False Lashes:


On site makeup application starts at $35 and will vary 

Perfect Lash and Brow Bundle

Want perfect lashes and brows? This is the option  for you! This bundle includes a brow lamination, brow tinting, brow wax, lash lifting, and lash tinting. Originally these services would be $216

50 minutes


Perfect Brow Bundle

This brow bundle is going to give you your best brows EVER. Enjoy a brow wax followed by a brow lamination and brow tint for a bundled price. Originally these services would be $116.

45 minutes