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Brianna Card

Hello, my name is Brianna Card. I'm a licensed Esthetician originally from Charlottesville Virginia and am the owner of Flutter and Glow. Flutter and Glow first opened in Charlottesville and traveled to the Charlotte area with me re-opening to a new set of clients! Since I can remember I've always been fascinated by all things beauty. That passion is what drives me to stay up to date with all the latest trends in the industry and perfect my craft. I spend my days making people feel beautiful, and that's the most amazing feeling in the world. I'm so lucky my passion has become my job. I opened Flutter and Glow, where I specialize in lash extension, lash lifting, makeup, waxing and tinting services. Flutter and Glow is your beauty studio where clients come and are welcomed in a calm and relaxing setting for all your favorite beauty treatments. I provide my clients with the most professional service and use only the highest grade materials and products to ensure every client receives only the best. Come in and get the Flutter and Glow experience.

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